Monday, May 11, 2009

Dropping a bomb

It's been a while. I finally decided to break the radio silence for this question. For all of you straight couples out there - why is to so necessary to have single gendered wedding parties with the women all next to the bride and the men next to the groom? Seriously, I just don't get it. Most of the people J and I are close to are women. Therefore, most of our wedding party were women. But beyond that, I wonder about the siblings. Shouldn't your sister or brother be standing up with you? In several weddings I've been to, the groom's sister stands with the bride and the bride's brother stands with the groom. Why? is there like social pressure from parents to make it so?


Stef said...

I also am tired of the tradition of girls-only bridal showers. I'm much more of a fan of couples showers, all genders represented.

My guess is this tradition has something to do with bridesmaids of yore being the ones to help the bride dress, but that probably stopped around the time "handfasting" stopped meaning actually tying hands together.

DC Food Blog said...

Oh there's another one! Yes, we related to and close to people of opposite genders!